Acampada – Pont Flotant

A group of people with very diverse physical and intellectual capacities arrive at a supposedly natural place to share a weekend.

How will this natural environment affect their abilities? Will they be able to overcome or assume their own disabilities? And those of others? Will they be able to live together naturally? Will they be able to awaken their ability to adapt, to read the world according to the language of others?

And what about the spectators? Will they perhaps feel the desire to be part of this group of campers? How far can human capacities go? Will they have all the optimum capacities?


Pont flotant theatre company 

Pont flotant is a stable theatre company founded in 2000 as a research group on the actor’s technique.

Far from commercial parameters, its plays are the result of collective creative work, characterised by a clear desire to search for and reflect on new forms of contemporary theatrical communication and expression.

The physical work of the actor and his particular relationship with the space and the spectator, the mixture of languages, the economy of resources and experimentation with reality within fiction are also signs of identity in their creations.

Since 2002 they have premiered ten shows, including Como piedras (2006), Ejercicios de amor (2009), Algunas personas buenas (2011), Yo de mayor quiero ser Fermín Jiménez (2013), El hijo que quiero tener (2016), Las 7 diferencias (2018) and Acampada (2019). With them they have performed in a large part of Spain and Latin America (Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay). They have received various awards such as the Nomination for Best New Show at the Max Awards 2007 and 2015, Best Direction at the April Awards 2009, Nomination for Best Foreign Show at the Theatre of the World Awards, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2010, Award for Best Children’s Show by the Institut Valencià de Cultura (2018) and Best Show for Children at the Mostra de Teatre d’Alcoi (2018) and Best Theatre Show at the Valencian Performing Arts Awards (2020).

Of Pont flotant it has been said

“Few proposals in the world of theatre and diversity have worked with such honesty from people and not from circumstances”. Hugo Álvarez. BUTACA EN ANFITEATRO

“Acampada’ is a friendly, simple, approachable proposal, without apparent great pretensions, but which deeply touches the soul of the audience who, surely, after attending this performance, will have doubled their empathy, hopefully never to lose it again”. José Miguel Vila. DIARIO CRÍTICO

“Large doses of originality, closeness, freshness and sincerity in an exercise of experimentation between reality and fiction, with alternating languages and scenic spaces” I. Fernández, El Periódico de Catalunya

“A splendid declaration of theatrical and existential principles”. Episkenion.

“They manage to capture the audience, put them in the middle of the scene and make their stories make us dream”. La República Cultural.

“Theatre that you take home, inside your conscience, with a lump of gratitude in your throat.” Vanessa Martínez, AFAN DE PLAN

“Absolute unanimity in the critics, who have praised it highly. The references are excellent and indicate that it is worth going to theatres to see this company” D. Chicano, EL PUNT

“Close, vital, essential theatre”. LA TEATRERA


Show accessible in sign language



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