Colomet is the musical project of the Valencian Paloma Aparici (Bèlgida, 1997). She dreamed of going into a club with her friends and being able to twerk in Valencian. Mixing partying, dancing and having a good time, singing our own things, identifying ourselves more with the lyrics.

On the journey to complete her first songs, she has understood that Colomet is also about daring and trying out sounds, phrasing and effects: playing and enjoying. She teams up with the musician and composer Mario Sancho and the renowned music producer Mark Dasousa, head of Atomic Records, to present danceable and catchy tracks, the kind that make you want to burst the dancefloor.

The project was born with the aim of creating compositions that have urban and popular music as their main axis, and that will be part of the album that will soon be released. A new way of transmitting street music to bring it to the stage.




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