Els Amics de les Arts

After more than ten years on stage and having received three Gold records, Els amics de les arts, formed by Dani Alegret, Joan Enric Barceló and Ferran Piqué, were looking to renew themselves, “to take their ideas further”. They were ending one stage – with the albums Bed & Breakfast, Espècies per catalogar and Només d’entrar hi ha sempre el dinosaure – to begin another with “new sounds” and with which to experiment with other ways of working in the recording of the album.

To achieve this, they sought the help of a new producer who was unfamiliar with the Catalan music scene, and they made their own particular Letter to the Carta als Reis d’Orient. Finally, they trusted in the Scottish producer Tony Doogan (Snow Patrol, Belle & Sebastian, Russian Red or Mogwai), who helped them to squeeze their ideas and take them a step further.


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