The press says of them:

 “The quartet from the Valencian neighbourhood of Benimaclet, Maluks, are emerging as one of the Valencian musical projects to watch out for in 2021.” (El Diario)

“The Valencian female urban and tropical quartet Maluks presents eleven pipes of 100% danceable and empowered electronica.” (Enderrock)

“Maluks is not a conventional band and, therefore, criticises conventionalism… this is an album full of surprises that is intended to be played in clubs with large dance floors”. (Urban Life)

There are revolutions that are not worth it if you can’t dance them. Because the words go with the dance. And because social, class and gender awareness must never be at odds with the spirit of playfulness. There are few things more empowering than dance. Few spaces are freer than a dance floor. This is something that Núria Pons, Marina Bolea, Laura Honrubia and Maria Deltell know very well. In other words: Maluks.

With just one album, the effervescent Som i Vibrem (Propaganda Pel Fet, 2021), and a string of singles. But their previous baggage and the richness of their sonic nutrients is breath-taking: digital cumbia, tropical rhythms, reggae and reggaeton, expansive electronica, dancehall, drum’n’bass, dembow and even dub come together in their irresistible cocktail of sounds.

Fusion and multiculturalism from the Valencian neighbourhood of Benimaclet to the whole world. Local action and global projection. 2019 was the turning point for these three vocalists and a DJ to join forces and begin to spread their first singles, with the same power of contagion as a cluster bomb: “Fins l’alba”, “Comboi” “Contra l’oblit” (with Carles Belda), “Olor d’Ones” (with Mireia, from Pupil-les) and “Me toca” (with La Fúmiga) were paving the way for the release of their first album, an album that also featured Tremenda Jauría, Chalart58, Pa Lao or ZeBRASS. And so on to “El nostre oasi”, their tropicalist hit of the summer of 2021.

Anti-fascism, feminism and unconditional support for their culture and language: these could be the three essential principles of a project that is a flag bearer of the hybridisation of styles, of the fusion of sounds, and which has already played at festivals such as Feslloc, Festivern and Viña Rock. Places where their music, already festive, combative and joyful, takes on its true dimension. For good reason they have been nominated for the Carles Santos awards in the category of best tour. Conscience and dance are for them like the front and back of the same thing.



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