The press says of them: 

“Marala seeks to make tradition a path towards modernity in constant change and transformation.” (Sergi Núñez, Enderrock)

Marala are Selma Bruna, Clara Fiol and Sandra Monfort, three female musicians and composers from Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia. Their songs draw from the present and from the ancestral songs of their origins. They sing them in three voices and with the guitar in their hands.

Their second album, “Jota de morir” is an approach to the idea of death.

Like traditional music or the voice of women, death is another enormous and silenced universe. In this project. Marala looks for ways to integrate it, to recover it as an idea within the reach of thought and life.

After publishing “A trenc d’alba”, an album dedicated to light and beginnings, we approach death to better understand the endings.


Roots music as a source of research.

Their songs are based on a meticulous analysis of how the subject has been treated in traditional music: from the wake dances of Valencia to the death songs of the islands. In this research they have also delved into mourning, the displacement of women from the public sphere and other evils.

The repertoire of this second album is home-grown and has been generated jointly and with the overall concept of the album in mind from the beginning. Likewise, roots music has always been a source of inspiration.




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